Popular Names of U.S. Government Reports
“Since many government publications become known by short titles that appear nowhere on the piece, and since libraries catalog them under institutional titles, a device for
tying the two together is needed. The present catalog is the fourth edition of a work the Library of Congress first issued in 1966.”
…. From the Foreword. Donald F. Wisdom, Chief, Serial and Government Publications Division.

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Searchable database with updates including reports listed as “unidentified in the print 1984 edition”.

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Paper describing the Pop Names Database Project by Kerri England. 2004.

Popular Names of U.S. Government Reports
Citation: U.S. Library of Congress. Serial and Government Publications Division Research Services.
Popular Names of U.S. Government Reports: a Catalog.
4th Ed. Compiled by Bernard A. Bernier, Jr. and Karen A. Wood.
Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress. 1984.
1966 1st edition PDF Version
1970 2nd edition PDF Version
1976 3rd edition
Cover-A | B-C | D-G | H-L | M-Q | R-Z Impeachment Unidentified & Index
1984 4th edition
Full PDF Version (302 pages)
Introductory Pages - 11 | A - B | C - G | H - K | L - O | P - V | W - Z | Unidentified Reports | Index

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 spacer The Pop Names Database Project was partially funded through an InULA Research Incentive Grant. Credit for initial editing and identification of records belongs to Kerri England, candidate for the Masters of Library Science from IUB's School of Library and Information Science, 2004. Database design and structure was chiefly the work of Jeff Graf and Jian Liu, IUB's Main Library. Lou Malcomb provided oversight and inspiration. The database is maintained at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

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