Popular Names of
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About the Database: The concept for a PopName Database began in the late 1990's in order to have a consolidated place to search for government reports by popular name. As the Foreward of the 1984 Library of Congress edition of the printed reference work, Popular Names of U.S. Government Reprots indicated: "Since many government publications become known by short titles that appear nowhere on the piece, and since libraries catalog them under institutional titles, a device for tying the two together is needed."

Each record of the 1984 edition was searched and downloaded (via Endnote) from WorldCat. During editing we attempted to select the DLC record to assure that we had the best record.

We will be adding listings from Marjorie Bengtson's articles in Illinois Libraries, new entries we have identified through reference inquiries, and others suggested by users of this website. We will also add additional information including links to full-text resources, when possible. We do not intend to add links to commercial, licensed products at this time.


Popular Names Database: Searchable database with updates including reports listed as “unidentified in the print 1984 edition”.

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