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Timeline of Monroe County, Indiana newspapers available in microfilm at ET2 in the Wells Library of Indiana University. The Post (Bloomington), 1835-1836 The Bloomington Post, 1838-1841 Indiana Tribune (Bloomington), 1847-1848 Indiana Tribune and Monroe Farmer, 1848-1850 Bloomington News-Letter, 1854-1855 Indiana Student (Bloomington), 1867-1894 The Student (Bloomington), 1894-1898 The Student (Monthly ed., Bloomington), 1896-1898 Daily Student (Bloomington), 1898-1912 Indiana Student (Bloomington), 1912-1914 Indiana Daily Student (Bloomington), 1914-2008 Indiana Weekly Student (Bloomington), 1920-1921 Bloomington Progress, 1867-1873 Republican Progress (Bloomington), 1875-1900 Weekly Telephone (Bloomington), 1879-1882 Bloomington Telephone, 1883-1884 Bloomington Telephone, 1887-1921 Semi-weekly Telephone (Bloomington),1886-1887 The Bloomington World, 1893-1894 Bloomington Evening World, 1901-1922 Bloomington Evening World, 1901-1922 The Evening World (Bloomington), 1922-1933 Bloomington Evening World, 1933-1943 The Daily Telephone (Bloomington), 1917-1920 1921-1943 Bloomington World-Telephone, 1942 The World Telephone (Bloomington), 1943-1947 Bloomington Daily Herald, 1947-1950 Daily Herald-Telephone and The Evening World (Bloomington), 1950 Daily Herald Telephone (Bloomington), 1950-1977 The Herald-Telephone (Bloomington), 1977-1989 The Herald-Times (Bloomington), 1989-present Spectator (Bloomington), 1967-1970 Comon Sense (Bloomington), 1971-1974 Fun City (Bloomington), 1975 New Almanac (Bloomington), 1975 Primo Times (Bloomington), 1974-1975 Link to Newspapers: Indiana Guide. Link to IUCat. Ellettsville Republican, 1872-1873 Owen County People, 1879-1881 Monroe County Citizen, 1883-1895 The Farm and Real Estate (Ellettsville), 1895 The Farm (Ellettsville), 1895-1913 The Farm and Real Estate (Ellettsville), 1913-1916 The Farm (Ellettsville),1916-1939 The Bloomington Hawkeye, 1881 Bloomington Courier, 1881 The Saturday Courier (Bloomington), 1881-1895 The Courier (Bloomington), 1895-1898 The Bloomington Courier, 1899-1906 Bloomington Weekly Courier, 1906-1922 The Weekly Star (Bloomington), 1910-1918 The Sunday Star (Bloomington), 1910-1919 The Bloomington Weekly Star, 1919-1943 The Star Courier (Bloomington), 1943-1952 Bloomington Tribune, 1966-68 Courier Tribune, 1968-1973 The Star (Bloomington), 1896 Name it! & take it! (Smithville), 1897 Smithville news, 1908-1914