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Timeline of Monroe County, Indiana newspapers available in microfilm at ET2 in the Wells Library of Indiana University. Indiana State Gazette, 1829-1830) The News, 1869 The Evening News, 1869-1876 The Indinapolis News, 1876-1999 The Evening Journal, 1872-1873 Indianapolis Evening Journal, 1873 The Democrat, 1879-1880 The Indianapolis Leader, 1879-1883 Indianapolis Sentinel, 1872-1878 Indianapolis Daily Sentinel, 1878-1880 Indianapolis Sentinel, 1880-1882 The Sunday Herald, 1875 The Saturday Herald, 1875-1880 West-side Herald, 1894-1987 The Indiapolis Ledger, 1913-1915 The Union, 1901-1914 Indiana Labor Bulletin, 1911-1916 National Enquirer, 1915-1920 The Freeman, 1886-1916 The Indianapolis World, 1887-1932 Labor Signal, 1888-1894 The Recorder, 1898-1910 The Cristian Visitor, 1915-1922 The Indianapolis Recorder, 1910-1990 Indianapolis Morning Star, 1903-1907 The Indianapolis Star, 1907-current The Hoosier Herald, 1953-1957 Indianapolis Herald-Times, 1957 Indiana Herald-Times, 1957-1960 Indiana Herald, 1960-1981 Indianapolis Voice, 1957-1958 1984, Alternative News for Naptown, 1973 Indianapolis Free Press, 1969-1970 Second City, 1973 The Indianapolis Sun, 1911-1913 The Evening Sun, 1914 Indiana Daily Times, 1914-1922 The Indianapolis Times, 1922-1965 The Workingman's Map, 1876-1977 IUCat Newspapers: Indiana